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Vintage Chart

Giving an overall assessment to a vintage is a challenging exercise not without its pitfalls, which can create excessive expectations in readers or, on the contrary, underestimate the value of quite a few wines. In fact, just as in great vintages there is no shortage of labels of lower quality than the overall value attributed to that vintage, it is equally true that in vintages considered lesser, one can often find wines worthy of the greatest attention. A consideration that applies to any denomination and even more so to Barolo, where Nebbiolo, in less favourable vintages, manages to find a plus of personality and recognisability that ‘perfect’ vintages sometimes fail to express. Having said that, scrolling through the table published above, it cannot but be evident that in the last 15 years the level of harvests has been higher and more homogeneous than in the 1970s and the first part of the 1980s, a clear expression of an ongoing climatic change but also of a certainly more careful technique and selection.

Vintage Rating Maturation Notes
2023 on the market from 2027 Very rainy spring, very hot summer and early autumn
2022 on the market from 2026 Very warm year, little rainfall but evenly distributed 
2021 (★★★★☆) on the market from 2025 Snowy winter, hot but not excessively so, balanced wines
2020 ★★★★ hold Changeable spring, mild, humid summer, balanced, accessible wines
2019 ★★★★ hold Rainy spring, normal summer, structured wines, sometimes more subtle
2018 ★★★ drink or hold Very rainy spring, hot September, lean wines
2017 ★★★ drink or hold Cool spring with frost, very hot dry summer, savory wines
2016 ★★★★☆ drink or hold Mild spring, bright, normal summer, classic wines with good depth
2015 ★★★★☆ drink or hold Changeable spring, hot summer, not too dry, full-bodied wines
2014 ★★★ drink Mild spring, cool, rainy summer, crisp, nervous wines
2013 ★★★★ drink or hold Very rainy spring, hot but normal summer, vigorous, savoury wines
2012 ★★★☆ drink or hold Icy winter, very hot summer, cool, rainy September, good balance
2011 ★★★★ drink or hold Hot spring, cool, then torrid summer, graceful, pleasing wines
2010 ★★★★★ drink or hold Harsh winter, rainy spring, tepid summer, classic, streamlined wines
2009 ★★★★ drink Cold winter, rainy spring, hot summer, sunny, warm and balanced wines
2008 ★★★★★ drink Mild winter, rainy spring, hot summer, classy, balanced wines
2007 ★★★★ drink Warm winter, early bud-break, sunny summer, generous, very ripe wines
2006 ★★★★ drink or hold Snowy winter, changeable spring and summer, powerful tannic wines
2005 ★★★★ drink Changeable spring, tepid spring, rainy autumn, dynamic, varietal wines
2004 ★★★★ drink Moderately hot summer, copious production, balanced wines
2003 ★★★ drink Changeable spring, dry and torrid summer, warm, expressive wines
2002 ★☆ drink Cold and rainy from May to October, lean, angular wines
2001 ★★★★ drink Mild spring, sunny, dry summer, cool September, austere, earthy wines
2000 ★★★ drink Humid spring, unusual summer, very hot September, ripe, rich wines
1999 ★★★★★ drink Normal spring, tepid summer, rainy autumn, solid, energetic wines
1998 ★★★★ drink Rainy spring, hot summer, unusual autumn, elegant, expressive wines
1997 ★★★☆ drink Snowy winter, dry spring, hot summer, bold and ripe wines
1996 ★★★★ drink Alternating hot periods with long, cold wet stretches, austere wines
1995 ★★★ drink Humid spring, tepid summer, rainy September, classic, nervous wines
1994 ★★ drink Torrid summer peaks, heavy rain during harvest, slight, underripe wines
1993 ★★☆ drink Changeable summer and autumn, medium-bodied and tannic wines
1992 drink Long cold rainy stretches from January to October, incomplete, dilute wines
1991 ★★ drink Cold and rainy until August, mild autumn, raw and medium-bodied wines
1990 ★★★★ drink Hot with little rainfall from January to October, rich, ripe wines
1989 ★★★★★ drink Sunny summer, autumnal heatwaves, robust, complex wines
1988 ★★★☆ drink Humid spring, tepid summer, light-filled autumn, restrained, balanced wines
1987 ★★ drink Changeable climate, high rainfall during harvest, unappealing wines
1986 ★★★ drink Violent hailstorms at end of May, low yields, classic wines
1985 ★★★★ drink Hard winter followed by long hot dry stretches, tarry, sensual wines
1984 drink Very rainy spring, tepid summer, wet harvest, lean wines
1983 ★★★ drink Highly changeable weather, best wines are slender but balanced
1982 ★★★★★ drink Sunny weather from April to October, austere, powerful wines
1981 ★★★ drink Hot until mid-August followed by heavy rainfall, aromatic wines
1980 ★★★★ drink A year of contrasts: hot summer, very cold autumn, full-bodied, balanced wines
1979 ★★★★ drink Hot summer, rainy harvest, lively, attractive wines 
1978 ★★★★☆ drink Cool spring, sunny and hot from June to October, generous, tannic wines
1977 ★★ drink Heavy summer and autumnal rainfall, cool climate, fine, angular wines
1976 ★★ drink Hot, humid summer, rainy autumn, rounded, medium-bodied wines
1975 ★★★ drink Low yields due to extensive hailstorms, accessible, early-drinking wines
1974 ★★★★☆ drink Cool summer, sunny autumn, very rainy year, classic, vigorous wines
1973 ★★ drink Snowy winter, rainy spring, hot, dry summer, lean, dry wines
1972 No Barolo produced due to heavy, prolonged rainfall
1971 ★★★★★ drink Very rainy spring, hot summer and autumn, dense, ample wines
1970 ★★★★☆ drink Mild spring, light-filled summer, dry autumn, classic, elegant wines
1969 ★★ drink Very rainy spring, hot summer, changeable autumn, slender wines
1968 ★★★ drink Constantly alternating periods of heat and rain, sunny autumn, slim wines
1967 ★★★★ drink Late flowering, sunny summer, mild autumn, generous and balanced wines