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The Elvio Cogno winery is located in the commune of Novello, in the southwestern part of the Barolo zone, precisely at Cascina Nuova in one of the most scenic positions of the MGA Ravera and the entire Barolo area.

Its vineyards, colored in blue as shown in the second panoramic image, are distributed over three adjacent MGAs: Ravera, in clear predominance, Panerole and Cerviano-Merli.

According to the geo-viticultural map the vineyards are planted almost entirely on young soils originating from laminated Sant’Agata Fossili Marls, and for this reason exposure becomes the determining factor in the choice of grape varieties grown.
In fact, as can be seen in the third image, the cooler slopes are planted in Nascetta and Dolcetto while the warmer ones are dedicated exclusively to Nebbiolo.

Returning to the MGA Ravera, and in particular to the fourth panoramic image, the vineyards used for the production of Barolo can be divided into four different zones.
In green are those designated for the production of Barolo Ravera, in yellow those for Barolo Cascina Nuova and in purple those for Barolo Riserva Ravera Vigna Elena.

On a small hill to the northeast of Cascina Nuova are the vineyards of Bricco Pernice for the production of the Barolo of that name.

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