Grinzane Cavour

Number of MGAs: 8
Number of Wineries: 6

Isolated in the northeastern part of the denomination, the vineyard area of Grinzane Cavour can also be divided into sectors. The first, which is the most visible and well-known, is characterized by a gentle ridge at the top of which stands the castle of Grinzane Cavour. On its southern slope, which appears to be uniform but is actually marked by basins that alter the exposures from east to west within a few hundred meters (see the third panoramic image), are the MGAs of Castello, Gustava and Garretti, of good quality but little exploited.

The second sector consists of three ridges almost parallel to each other – better noted in the 3D model – where the most cultivated and best exposed parts are almost always the western slopes. The first ridge, on the northern border of the zone, includes Borzone and Canova; the second, in a central position, is known as La Corte; while the third, which could also be considered an extension of the Castello ridge, includes Raviole and Bablino.

From a geological perspective, as in a good part of the northeastern sector of the denomination typical Sant’Agata Fossili Marls prevails, but there’s no lack of exceptions. The most evident is represented by the alluvial terrace that from the Castle of Grinzane Cavour extends in the direction of the Raviole MGA. Of more recent origin than Sant’Agata Fossili Marls, it is usually mixed with soils of an evoluted type and that’s why, on the geo-viticultural map, it has not been highlighted with a color of its own.



The MGAs of Grinzane Cavour

Barolo MGA 360

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